Jun 12, 2023
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Create an automotive marketplace that will be intuitive, convenient and easy to use for different types of target audience. Win competition against the market leaders. Requirements: It was necessary to develop a single comprehensive solution for car owners and dealerships. The application should be able to place offers for the purchase/sale of cars. The app should perform an interaction with financial institutions (insurance companies, banks, etc.) The application should include various additional services e.g. functionality for buying car reports. The app should include a personal profile page with an ability to compare cars, add them to favorites, and other options for profile editing.


Key functional features: 1) Develop a rotation system that displays in the top offers which contain more complete information about the car. 2) Implement an ability to sign up for a test drive via the platform for the fastest possible interaction between seller and buyer. 3) Implement a system that provides recommendations for similar car models and competitive models comparison. 4) Implement a top-selling cars display feature where cars are ranged by category e.g. bodywork type, classes, and other criteria. 5) Create a system for car selection with both manual and automatic filters. 6) Implement a news feed to the platform allowing community members to interact with each other.


Having formed a team and approved the tasks to be done, we started to work and it was something like this. We have implemented a system of adding cars to favorites and comparing them for a better user experience as well as a car selection system for the convenience of users. Also, a system of recommendations has been implemented so that users have more choices. The application has a rotation system on board, which displays the most complete ads at the top. The application has a function of displaying news for community building. It is possible to request a test drive of the car you are interested in. The display of sales leaders has been implemented so that users know about the best selling car brands.
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