Jun 16, 2021
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E-learning Management Platform

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The Letsencrypt certificates generated by Certbot were not used without restarting the front end. The database was subjected to heavy loads and the content on the pages was loaded too long due to the large size of the images, which also took up a lot of space. There was no protection on the site, so it was necessary to take measures to achieve the maximum level of security for the platform. Implement a fully customizable landing page for teacher/school/courses. Increase the reliability of the database to avoid losing user data.


The problem was solved by delegating certificate generation to an auxiliary server, which now redirects (proxies) requests to the main server. It was decided to transfer all images to the AWS S3 and compress them to the optimal size using a special library. Also, to the site was added a cropper: when uploading a new image, the user can choose only the desired part, instead of loading the entire image. Since everything had to be done from scratch, user authentication was rewritten. JWT tokens were added to authenticate them. The database used on the project has been moved to Amazon RDS - this service automatically backs up and reverts to earlier states (restoring earlier versions).


Development of adaptive version, subdomains and custom domains; speed optimization, security settings; implementation of the subscription system, referral system and discount/pone system, Stripe integration. Previously, it was necessary to restart the project manually for the deployment - now it can be done automatically thanks to Bitbucket Pipelines, which allowed to speed up the development process and save more time.