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Nov 14, 2022
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Business Services
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The solution needed to create a single platform to manage sales, inventory, field service, and accounting. It needed to do so via a web application, as well as mobile apps. rimarily, the system needs to control the field services, personnel actions, customer and proposals databases, equipment turnover, and recurring revenue.


This is a multi-year partnership to architect, build and maintain a large business operations software. The SDH team provides all development resources, as well as project management and business analysis. Software releases occur on average every two weeks. The product is built using Python, Django, Postgres SQL with distributed deployments to Docker containers.


We developed a system that could be applied to a variety of specialized businesses performing field services. It provides a multifaceted approach to supervision over the provided services. There are several core interfaces different for each type of user gathered in one solution. Managers get full control over monitoring the enterprise processes in the web app; technicians have a mobile app to track work results and other details, and customers access their dashboard to manage proposals and invoices.