Apr 26, 2023
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B2B Ecommerce solution for GPL

B2B Ecommerce solution for GPL

7-12 months
Ukraine, Kyiv
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One of GPL’s income sources includes the support of other companies with products, technologies, additional tools, and assistant services. The SolidBrain team developed an Online GPL platform for the optimization of the company’s internal processes. The main focus of our work was on making the solution with stable performance and easy-to-use tools so that the GPL’s clients could swiftly make any orders or communicate with the company’s professionals. Such an approach ensured a boost in the sales level. Our experts also came up with practical ways to implement steady communication with the users. On top of that, this online platform improved shipping processes and reduced supply chain costs.


The SolidBrain web developers applied Vue.js and Laravel to create the platform and work on the compelling UI structure. Our main goal was to facilitate the search process for GPL’s clients and make it as fast and painless as possible. The SolidBrain team used ElasticSearch to reach this goal and ensure the maximum efficiency of the service. Additionally, we employed the Laximo and TecDoc services to integrate a specialized system of automotive component selection. With its help, our client can also create a personal online catalog. To develop a reliable database system, we used the Lumen framework. We built a database abstraction with its help and were able to successfully incorporate it into the platform.


GPL is a group of companies specializing in manufacturing, distribution, and selling combustive-lubricating materials, technical fluids, auto parts for passenger/commercial vehicles, accumulators, and accessories. Currently, the company is an official distributor of more than 60 manufacturers.