Sep 07, 2022
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AI-Powered Financial Analysis and Recommendation System

AI-Powered Financial Analysis and Recommendation System

7-12 months
United States, Tallahassee, FL
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The appropriate integration of artificial intelligence or AI for accurate investment portfolio analysis and optimization was a big challenge to deal with. Moreover, the system based on AI that can speak about various financial questions, along with providing clients’ content and personalization, was pretty difficult. Additionally, implementing the same within a short time span involved a lot of challenges.


The big target of implementing the AI-based system was broken down into smaller and practical steps to make sure that the targets could be achieved. The plan was to implement intelligent APIs that can play a significant role in properly supplementing the existing processes as well as systems in the financial world rather than completely replacing them.


The product consisted of two APIs that are content personalization for every client and client prioritization. The APIs were able to analyze all the financial information of clients, like CRM data, CRM notes, portfolios, recent transactions, specific market information, etc., with the help of different AI and ML algorithms. This, in turn, brought about significant improvement in the efficiency of client relationship managers.