Sep 14, 2022
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Centralized Platform for Trading Over-the-Counter Securities

Centralized Platform for Trading Over-the-Counter Securities

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The development of a centralized platform for trading over-the-counter securities that helps bring investors and holders come together was a difficult task. In addition to this, allowing the users to bypass the intermediaries and trade assets easily & conveniently on the platform involved a lot of challenges.


The solution was to simplify as well as automate the process of selling & buying over-the-counter securities. The platform comes with different functional modules that facilitate trading over-the-counter securities along with collecting as well as disclosing valuable information about the issuers of these securities.


With the appropriate solution to all problems, the centralized platform was developed, which was totally compliant and met the exact requirement in the best possible manner. An intelligent and robust solution helps connect investors and securities holders, which facilitates the trading of over-the-counter securities by enabling the bypassing of intermediaries.