Sep 08, 2022
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E-Motive | Decentralized Automotive Marketplace

7-12 months
United States
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Software Development
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Business Services


The development of a decentralized platform for easy and convenient trading of vehicles was certainly challenging. Most importantly, the backend happens to be an advanced vehicle as well as a user verification process built on blockchain, which was a tough task. Additionally, developing wireframes and listing features without compromising on UX concepts was a difficult job.


To come up with the most appropriate solution in this regard, in-depth discovery along with a thorough research and development process was the key. The feature list was defined, and created the wireframes in the discovery phase, followed by setting up the architecture and integrating the design & API in the development phase to bring about the intended results.


The decentralized automotive marketplace was developed with all the necessary features and functionalities to make sure that it is appropriately functional. In addition to this, advanced UI/UX features were integrated to ensure a superior user experience on the decentralized platform along with ease of navigation.