Aug 05, 2021
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Sosh | A Next Generation Wallet for Your Social Life

4-6 months
United States, Texas
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IoT Development
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Mobile Development


Implementation of wallet accounts based on hierarchy mapping and configuration choices. Adding events to contracts like expenses, given/received discounts, sponsorships (match% in $s, items, hours), coupons, points, and revenue from other individuals/groups. One main challenge was to show the visual map of disbursements for all funds that came from the inside activity and left an activity wallet. Solved this problem using the D3.js library. To create robust APIs to be integrated with any mobile app


One interesting aspect of SOSH is the presence of micro contracts that exists because of the activities amongst the social groups. To supplement these contracts we have enforced a Calendar feature to help users keep track of events and contract activities. API integration is required while using utilities such as ticketing, payments, tracking of funds, etc. These are also adopted to provide you a seamless mobile application experience.


The system has been built on tight security measures and privacy compliances that prevent tampering with user data and mismanagement of their assets. This has resulted in a surge in our customer base, since the launch, as we move towards our destination. We are happy to leave our clients happy by giving them access to an easy, quick, and safe wallet. Every challenge we have taken up has always put up in a higher position than before. And we flourish and consistently set higher goals to deliver a pleasing experience to our users.