May 24, 2023
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4-6 months
Ukraine, Kyiv
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Together with the client, it was developed the concept of a application that would be not only a game for the child, but also teach the basic hygiene rules. When using our development, young children from 3 to 8 years old can learn how to take care of a real virtual friend. To do this, it is important to periodically log into the app and spend time with their pet. The player can feed him, pet him, talk to him, and just play. Moreover, the client gets a unique application to attract new customers. The game does not just promote the client’s brand, but also does the important job of teaching the younger generation the basic hygiene rules.


Everything was designed in a low-key style to make the interface as easy and quick to understand as possible. The main character is located on the main screen. The player can personalize their cat, dressing him in clothes, arranging different furniture and even decorations. The game provides a store with different add-ons: codes and the information about the player’s balance. The game screen has 4 icons that display specific actions. It is possible to feed the cat, play with him, take him to the toilet or put him to bed. When the icon is filled to more than 25%, you can activate the animation. In this way, the player can watch the cat eat or perform any other action.


As a result, we got a unique and vibrant game using the Unity engine. A lot of work has been done, and as result the application provides high-quality animations. Children will enter the game every day to take care of their virtual pets. In this way, the child can learn an important topic: hygiene. The social message and motivation to buy brand products are the key benefits of the game. Post-purchase incentives in the form of codes and additional in-game gifts have become a great solution for product promotion.
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