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Nov 20, 2023
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Gravity Box

4-6 months
Canada, Toronto
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Gravity Box, a Canadian startup, revolutionizes workout efficiency with its device for Velocity-Based Training (VBT). The device, attachable to exercise bars, pairs with the Gravity Box app for real-time feedback, enhancing workouts with data-driven insights. App Features: Personalized Accounts: Secure training data management. Progress Tracking: Analyze individual session performance. Device Locator: Easily find and connect to nearby Gravity Boxes. Performance Categorization: Evaluate workouts based on thresholds. Graphical and Tabular Data: Intuitive visual and tabular performance representations.


We developed and integrated the Gravity Box app for Android and iOS. Challenges: Shipping Constraints: Unable to ship the physical device, we used a mock device for development. Data Visualization: We effectively managed and visualized large data volumes. Responsive Design: We ensured a seamless user experience across various devices. Database Structure: Our smart database efficiently handled extensive training data. Why Sparkleo Technologies? Gravity Box needed a partner adept in new technologies. Sparkleo's expertise in app development for innovative devices matched their vision. Our commitment to innovation and customized solutions fostered a successful partnership with Gravity Box.


The partnership between Gravity Box and Sparkleo Technologies led to significant accomplishments: User-Friendly Interface: The application effectively displays data from Gravity Box devices, making it accessible for users. Widespread Adoption: Velocity-Box is now a popular tool among U.S. college and national athlete teams, thanks to its precise real-time performance metrics. Individualized Training: The app provides instant data, allowing trainers to tailor workouts, enhancing training efficiency and athletic performance. Client Testimonial: "Working with Sparkleo was a great experience, meeting if not exceeding our expectations." Adam Sarafinchan, Gravity Box