Apr 26, 2024
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 Development of Web Application for A Food Ingredients Firm

Development of Web Application for A Food Ingredients Firm

7-12 months
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The client faced challenges with manual data management, lacking automation for food ingredients-related activities, which led to inefficiencies, errors, and scalability issues as their business grew. The absence of a centralized system limited visibility into operations, causing operational inefficiencies like delays in order processing and inventory management, impacting product and service quality.


To address the client's challenges, we adopted a structured Waterfall project management approach, starting with a thorough understanding of their needs through interviews, workshops, and surveys. Based on these requirements, we designed and developed a comprehensive, unified, and user-friendly web application covering everything from raw material management to approvals. The application aimed to streamline processes by automating activities and offering a centralized platform to reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and enhance overall efficiency.


The R&D web application has improved the client's operations with a centralized platform for managing data and processes, offering optimized scalability and performance. Its user-friendly design enhances team navigation and efficiency, reducing manual effort and streamlining operations while increasing data accuracy through centralization and automation.
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 Development of Web Application for A Food Ingredients Firm