Jun 13, 2023
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Online Bike Renting Portal

Online Bike Renting Portal

4-6 months
United States
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Managing booking details on the website became a challenge due to the inclusion of integrated scheduling and tracking, inventory and fleet management, point of sale (POS), integrated maintenance, reporting, and marketing features all in one. There was a continuous need to develop a booking module that could handle bike bookings by clients and subsequent details such as returns and payments.


SPEC INDIA developed the booking module using Google App Engine (GAE) with the below features: Developed a front-end web application portal that captures details like... Category of bike Dates Size Quantity Payment & Return Details - Category of bike - Dates - Size - Quantity - Payment & Return Details - The booking module (Select Bike >> Size >> Quantity >> Login authorization >> Payment gateway integration) is developed using GAE.


SPEC INDIA‘s successful rollout of booking module facilitated the website owners company in: - Creating and maintaining booking details of bikes online - Instant availability to clients, who need to book their bikes - Real-time information on online bikes for rent, their availability, return schedules, payments, etc.