Nov 08, 2023
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Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse

4-6 months
South Africa, Cape Town
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Wellness Warehouse, the leading wellness and organic food retailer in South Africa, entrusted us with a special mission – to design their loyalty app, Live Life Well. What began as a 5-week project soon evolved into an ongoing partnership, stretching from September 2022 to June 2023.


Our team invested passion and dedication to creating an app that would elevate the wellness experience for their customers. While we focused on the design aspect, our collaboration with an external development team was enlightening. Together, we worked seamlessly to bring the app to life, creating a seamless experience for every user.


Beyond the success of the app, our partnership extended even further. Our dedication and passion left a lasting impression on our development partners that they referred a significant client to us, marking yet another milestone in our journey. The Live Life Well app became more than just a digital platform – it embodied the spirit of wellness and community. We are immensely proud to have played a role in making a positive impact on people's lives through this endeavour.