Jan 19, 2024
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Enzo upgrades their crypto and banking application through Sphere Partners’ agile team.

Enzo upgrades their crypto and banking application through Sphere Partners’ agile team.

7-12 months
United States
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The Challenge Enzo wanted to refactor their existing crypto and banking application and add trading and investing functionality to their mobile application. The list of requirements for this project include: Add the ability to access, monitor and trade with the stock market via mobile application connected to the user’s bank account Add trade functionality as an opt-in feature of the wealth management application that was associated to user profiles Streamline user adoption and onboarding within the Apex Solution service Enable high net worth individuals the ability to utilize credit to purchase assets via mobile application Build integration to enable money transfers to/from the user’s bank account for investments


The Sphere Partners established an agile development team that employed a roadmap/milestone-based strategy to facilitate beta user input for forthcoming iterations of the product launch. For the initial product launch, the Enzo team prioritized Sphere to develop features specific to: Market open/close functionality for invest Backend ledger recording of transactions (posted and scheduled) Market insight dashboards that combined investments and checking portfolio into a consolidated view Money transfer capabilities from checking to invest portfolio Goal setting within application At the end of development, Sphere artefacts were transferred to the internal Enzo team for future management.


Sphere’s cross-functional group of technical resources ultimately helped Enzo enhance their crypto and banking application. A team of full-stack developers, automation testers, UI/UX designers and a technical delivery manager combined their technical expertise and business knowledge to provide the end-to-end features of the product. The team had expertise in Flutter, Dart, NestJS, Typescript, GraphQL, MongoDB, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes and Docker.