Jan 19, 2024
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Platform rebuild fuels global scale for Gett Inc.

Platform rebuild fuels global scale for Gett Inc.

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Gett wanted to grow it’s offerings, especially in the corporate B2B space. Infused by several investments and funding, and hopes for an IPO, they wanted to expand their offerings in the on-demand mobility space, connecting customers with transportation, goods and services, and improving its marketplace In early iterations, the marketplace platform was connected to the existing ‘native’ Gett system, however it was extremely slow, not scalable, and offered a very difficult user experience. There was a recognized need to develop new ecosystem APIs, new full-stack logic, and new programming paradigms created in order to scale.


The client reached out to Sphere for help in securing the right talent to fulfill their vision and get to market quickly. The development team had the difficult task of maintaining legacy services written in Ruby, while modernizing the system for massive scale. Our engineers worked with the client to develop a micro-services architecture using Golang(Go), PostgreSQL, and Redis for high performance database caching, RabbitMQ to manage request queue stack, and New Relic to monitor and troubleshoot. The engineers also designed and developed a robust dashboard for internal corporate reporting across the organizational landscape.


The Sphere team enabled Gett to achieve the business goal of enhancing and retooling their legacy system into a scalable and modern platform – properly scalable production code and speed to market were critical factors for success of the project. Gett is now able to penetrate new markets and scale up rapidly with their current offering. The Sphere team continues to work with Gett to modernize additional elements of the system and continues to create value for the client across several key focus areas, including development, data analytics and standardized platform integrations.