Jan 19, 2024
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Software Development Microservices for Algosec and Cloudshare

Software Development Microservices for Algosec and Cloudshare

7-12 months
United States
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The challenge at hand was to establish a connection between Algosec, a security platform, and CloudShare, an educational platform, by developing a new microservice. CloudShare had specific needs to harness Algosec’s capabilities for certain courses. Sphere was tasked with creating a microservice to configure CloudShare Virtual Machines for Algosec and handle Algosec user management within the CloudShare environment.


The solution revolved around the creation of a specialized computer program known as a “microservice.” This microservice served as a crucial link between two essential systems: Algosec (responsible for security) and CloudShare (utilized for educational purposes). Imagine that CloudShare desired to harness Algosec’s tools for specific lessons. Sphere’s mission was to make this integration seamless. Sphere developed the microservice to facilitate the setup of CloudShare’s virtual computers, essential for Algosec’s operations, and to ensure a balanced allocation of Algosec users across different areas within CloudShare.


Thanks to Sphere’s efforts, Algosec can now effortlessly manage and streamline their use of CloudShare for educational purposes. Sphere developed a specialized program known as a “microservice” to seamlessly connect Algosec’s security system with CloudShare’s educational platform. This microservice simplifies the process for CloudShare to leverage Algosec’s tools for their courses. It takes care of setting up virtual computers and ensures that Algosec’s users can access them with ease. Moreover, it keeps a close watch on various aspects, such as student numbers and study schedules.