Jul 01, 2021
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Healthcare Monitoring Platform

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Custom Software Development
Web Development
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Websites & Landings
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The client wanted to update his existing project - a proprietary platform for healthcare monitoring and management and digital immunity, which is integrated with leading laboratory providers and provides seamless digital COVID-19 testing solutions for organizations, health practitioners and individuals. The main challenges set by our client were to stabilize core features like personal account management, marketplace, payments, repayments; get & share info about customer’s laboratory inquiries and results, make it possible to provide the results to any allowed organization upon request.


During the development process we’ve improved overall stability; integrated a custom Firebase client for processes automation; connected the API to an international provider of laboratory services, developed the cross-platform React solution for back-to-back product delivery process; implemented various payment providers.


Healthcare Monitoring Platform nowadays is tailored to various workplace requirements, whether it’s one-off tests for individuals, regular on-site screening or an alternative of your choice. The platform can seamlessly integrate with existing HR or healthcare workflow or be used as a stand-alone application. It also offers ‘fit to fly’ certificates for those travelling to destinations where it is required and for those who want peace of mind after returning from COVID-19 hotspots.