Dec 26, 2023
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Benchmark: Educational Software & Innovative Web/Mobile Apps

Benchmark: Educational Software & Innovative Web/Mobile Apps

4-6 months
United States
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Benchmark recognized the imperative to expand their K-12 online curriculum development and sought a strategic alliance with an external technology partner proficient in the dynamic ed-tech landscape. Their objective was clear: augment their internal technical team with specialized expertise. The vision was to leverage proactive engineering resources to expedite the release of innovative software products, enabling them to outpace competitors and solidify their position in the market swiftly.


Spiral Scout initiated the collaboration by swiftly delving into a comprehensive exploration of Benchmark's organizational landscape, deciphering its core functions and overarching business objectives. To facilitate this, we meticulously curated a team of app developers, handpicked for their specialized proficiency and extensive experience in crafting cutting-edge educational tools. Our collaborative efforts extended seamlessly to close coordination with Benchmark Education's in-house software development unit. Furthermore, active cooperation with Benchmark's product owners played a pivotal role in charting the course for their digital aspirations, steering the development process in alignment with their vision and objectives.


The software we helped to write led to Benchmark winning a multi-million dollar contract with the LA Unified school district and putting it in the hands of millions of students in California. The best part of the web app is that a student can closely monitor all their progress or a teacher can review all their students’ work in real-time. Both students and teachers have access to tools that will help them evaluate their writing and improve it over time.