Dec 26, 2023
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Decovery: Disaster Recovery App Development

Decovery: Disaster Recovery App Development

4-6 months
United States
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Mobile Development


Recognizing the unique demands of developing mobile applications for municipal use, the Spiral Scout team prioritized the creation of a solution that demonstrated swift and efficient functionality on both computer and mobile devices. This led to the design and implementation of an on-the-go mobile app for field use and a responsive administrative website, ensuring seamless usability across various platforms.


The application facilitated field inspectors in efficiently creating an electronic inventory of city buildings and structures. It enabled the recording of crucial information related to buildings both before and after natural disasters. Subsequently, inspectors could seamlessly transmit this data back to the administrative dashboard. The collected information played a pivotal role in generating real-time reports for city officials, offering valuable insights into the conditions of buildings and areas within a disaster zone.


The Spiral Scout team successfully developed Decovery as a participant in the esteemed STIR (Startups in Residence) program, collaborating with the San Francisco Public Works department. The STIR initiative serves as a platform that fosters collaboration between San Francisco government agencies and technology startups, such as Spiral Scout, to create software solutions addressing civic challenges.