May 03, 2023
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UK's leading housing association

2-3 months
United Kingdom, London
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The Client, a leading housing company in the UK, faced limitations in scalability, availability, and cost-effectiveness due to their on-premise infrastructure. To overcome these challenges, they partnered with a cloud-native technology expert to migrate to the AWS cloud. The migration posed several challenges, including minimising downtime and ensuring compatibility with AWS cloud infrastructure. The approach began with identifying non-critical applications and services for migration, followed by the refinement and optimisation of the process before migrating the remaining applications.


The migrated applications were fully functional and compatible with the AWS cloud infrastructure. For critical applications and services, extensive planning and coordination ensured minimal disruption to business operations. Close communication with the client throughout the migration process ensured seamless execution. The migration resulted in several benefits, including improved scalability, availability, and cost-effectiveness. AWS cloud infrastructure enabled the company to scale up or down based on their business needs, provided better availability through multiple availability zones and fault-tolerant architecture, and the pay-as-you-go model resulted in significant cost savings.


The implementation of the DevOps workflow using GitHub and AWS Code Pipeline improved efficiency, reduced deployment time, and increased deployment frequency, allowing the client to deliver their software faster and with higher quality. In conclusion, the successful migration to the AWS cloud and implementation of the DevOps workflow resulted in several benefits for the client. The project was an overall success, and the partnership with the client in achieving their business objectives was a fulfilling experience.