Mar 17, 2021
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Development of a Magento 2 store for Luicella’s Premium Ice Cream Store

2-3 months
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Staylime assisted Luicella’s Ice Cream in building a new Magento 2 store for premium products and frozen desserts, delivering a remarkable design theme and bespoke functionality right before the client’s debut on a famous German TV show. With no time to spare, we started the project off by transferring the existing order, product, and customer data to the new store. Implementing an eye-catching interface was crucial for this project to enhance customer perception of the company — and we managed to introduce a lightweight and distinct design theme accurately reflecting Luicella’s values and differentiators. However, the task required additional effort from our side, as we first had to significantly refine the initial design mockups provided by the client.


Aiming at keeping the project budget reasonable and maintaining the strict delivery schedule, we leveraged all the out-of-the-box Magento 2 capabilities we could and built business-specific custom functionality on top. The new website now boasts: — A shipment restriction tool suggesting users from abroad to either remove perishable goods from cart or change the delivery destination to avoid product melting; — A combo pack configurator allowing buyers to purchase 6 ice cream flavors in a value pack; — A gift card editor making it possible to create and share personalized gift vouchers via email; — Advanced filtering & search helping users to easily browse through a wide product catalogue thanks to tag icons, search autocomplete, and layered navigation.


We delivered Luicella’s mission-critical project to a tight deadline, having ensured the website's high performance and seamless user experience for over 35,000 of concurrent visitors during the TV show. As a result of the store upgrade, as well as the episode success, the customer achieved a 30% conversion increase in just a few weeks.