Mar 17, 2021
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Magento 2 extension development for a design agency

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Staylime becomes a long-term Magento development partner for Todd Lininger Design. During the initial engagement, our team turned a legacy solution into a commercial Magento 2 extension that facilitates online education via convenient class and event management tools. Given the product’s commercial nature, we paid particular attention to the architecture design to ensure its ability to adopt new features in the future. Upon conducting an in-depth extension audit, our engineers worked out a proper architecture addressing the key scalability and performance considerations. With loads of legacy information residing in the legacy database, we delivered a handy custom script to enable fault-free transfer of critical data to a newly built Magento 2 version.


Our team also redesigned the UI keeping common information architecture patterns of the initial solution in place to provide fluid experience to users, whilst ensuring their smooth onboarding. Magento 2 Class Manager was significantly upgraded in terms of functionality, automating organizational and management aspects of the educational process. Magento-driven stores can now leverage the tool to create classes online, end-users, in turn, are able to: — Check class and seat availability; — Register for a class; View assigned instructors; — View class schedules and personal calendars; — Sign up for a wait list; — Track class history; — Receive email notifications; — Participate in surveys.


A proper project management framework along with the iterative development and unit testing approach allowed us to deliver the full product version in 11 months, regardless of the ever-changing requirements and technical challenges on the way. The new Class Manager extension has inherited the best of its predecessor, yet received a highly scalable architecture and advanced functionality capabilities users will benefit from.