Mar 17, 2021
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Ongoing Magento 1 support for Gewächshausplaza

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Staylime takes on a pivotal Magento 1 upgrade project for one of the leading greenhouse retailers in Germany, resolving technical debt and increasing store performance as part of the company’s transition to Magento 2. Given the critical importance of smooth UX for any ecommerce business, we got started with the interface renovation. Having rearranged the product and category pages, we then enabled a responsive layout to match usability standards and best practices and ensure consistent viewing experience across multiple screens and operating systems.


Poor code quality affected the legacy store performance, causing slow page loading and high cart abandonment rate. Meeting the challenge, we refactored the code and gradually fixed the existing bugs to speed the website up and increase average session times. The latest security patches to date were also installed, further contributing to optimal performance and enhanced security. As the customer planned on moving to Magento 2, we took care of necessary preparational activities within the project framework too. We upgraded Advanced Product Options, one of the business-critical extensions in place. With no available documentation or Git commits, Staylime engineers had to alter the extension’s frontend and backend and handle unexpected changes in product templates introduced by the client.


Git repository was created by our team from the very beginning and the commit history was kept synced and clean throughout the entire project. Following the incremental approach, we migrated legacy product data to the updated extension and renewed its layout as appropriate. Regardless of the dated and imperfect technology foundation, Staylime managed to freshen up Gewächshausplaza online store and achieve its stable performance and operation. Thanks to the improvements made, the website conversion has grown significantly, resulting in a 10% turnover increase.