Mar 22, 2021
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A smartwatches app for fitness trainers that detects nearby clients and shows detailed info about them and their activity.

2-3 months
United States
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A client has a fitness club, where they hold 1-hour classes. In their work, they try to create a “family-like” approach where knowing each client’s name and background is of high importance. But for obvious reasons, trainers can’t remember all the clients' names and their info. So they came up with an idea of building an app for smartwatches that will be worn by trainers to detect the clients that are standing nearby, via wristbands, and displays detailed info about the clients - name, injury type, age, photo. The app should connect to CRM, and select fields in the CRM, that should be displayed in the app.


3 iBeacon receivers were placed in a gym with predefined positions (coordinates) around the perimeter of a gym on the height above all physical obstacles. Each client with their wristband acts as an emitter of a BLE (Bluetooth low energy) signal. Beacon receivers obtain this information from each reachable wristband and transmit it to a server (over HTTP or MQTT or web sockets). The server receives the package (which primarily consist of device ID and RSSI - signal strong value) and starts the preprocessing phase (smoothes the noise with Kalman or average filtering). Then it prepares data for positioning calculation; this procedure is performed with trilateration technique (that’s why we use at least 3 beacon receivers).


BUSINESS BENEFITS • No need to carry a phone to detect the closest client; • Reducing the impact of physical obstacles on a signal (noise reduction); • Possibility to detect the exact location of each beacon at a particular moment; • Low cost of setup equipment; • The support of multiple trainers at the one; • Statistic calculation of clients’ activity (heatmap, etc.).
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