Mar 24, 2021
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Custom AI-Powered HRM System Development

Custom AI-Powered HRM System Development

more 1 year
United States, Boston
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The Client wanted to build a fully functional HRM system and sell it to its customers.The HRM system had to be provided with a big data solution for data integration, visualization and management. In addition, the Client requested implementation of AI-powered features, such as image recognition and text analytics.


Being based on the Scrum methodology, the development process was divided into 2-month releases and 2-week sprints. We have developed the whole system using the Ruby on Rails 4.0 framework. The rich UI was realized with the help of the AngularJS framework, the system is also optimized to the mobile platforms. The solution was deployed on the Heroku cloud system to reach the system's scalability depending on the load.


The Client has occupied a new market niche and in addition to SaaS products, provides its clients with a high-end HRM system. The Product is scalable and customized, which enables it to fit the needs of multiple businesses from various business domains. The Company’s annual revenue grew by 25 percent and is projected to continue to increase.
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Custom AI-Powered HRM System Development