Mar 23, 2021
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Evolv: Facebook Profiles Analyzer Evolv (now Cornerstone OnDemand), one of leading companies in Big Data arrays analysis and human resou

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Since recently, psychologists have started to study employee's behavior in social networks. It turned out this information can be crucially important. However, the process of getting and analyzing such data type takes lots of time and resources. Evolv made the decision to analyze the Facebook profiles of employees.


We have used the Ruby On Rails 4.0 framework and Facebook API to carry out the system's development. The client part was developed with the use of the BootStrap library in full accordance with the Customer's requirements to user interface. A certain technical complexity was represented by implementation of screenshots taking system. For this purpose, we integrated the system with an off-site paid service.


The project has successfully been released and now it is undergoing the hypothesis check by the customer's experts. The system has already analyzed thousands of Facebook profiles. Data about users' interactions in Facebook are gathered automatically and stored in the form convenient for the analysis. Thank to the system, the company plans to gain additional revenue stream, get competitive advantage, and increase of the market share by providing unique service for human resource managers. It is planned to integrate the application with LinkedIn
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