Mar 17, 2021
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Tartle – Big Data Trading Platform

4-6 months
United States
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Custom Software Development
Web Development
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Business Services
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Tartle is a comprehensive web and mobile platform for trading big data, designed for people and organizations that prefer to stay anonymous. This blockchain-based solution enables companies and individuals to buy and sell big data sets securely through a private digital identity, without any intermediates, and pay with Bitcoin.


With a strong emphasis on meeting the Client’s business needs, requirements and objectives, SumatoSoft built a unique product that consists of a web platform and iOS mobile application. ‍ Users are able to remain anonymous, protect their privacy, encrypt and categorize information, and based on bids select the best price to sell and buy data.


Attention to details, deep understanding of the Client’s needs and objectives, full transparency and open communication became the basis for fruitful cooperation and trustworthy relationship between the Client and SumatoSoft. Tartle is a product truly one of its kind. This global exchange platform allows users across the globe to anonymously and securely purchase and sell big data at best prices. Unique product features enabled the company to gain a competitive edge and stand out on the background of similar solutions. ‍ The minimum viable product was successfully presented to investors and approved by them. As a result, the project got a significant investment.
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