Mar 17, 2021
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TL Nika – Transportation Management System Development

more 1 year
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The client, a Lithuanian company TL Nika, specializing in transportation and cargo management, requested help from SumatoSoft to replace their outdated software system with a modern solution, built with the latest technologies and featuring modern design The legacy application was in a dire need of redevelopment and functionality upgrade to safeguard the Client’s premium positions on the market.


With a strong emphasis on meeting the client's requirements, SumatoSoft built a completely new system from scratch. The use of state-of-the-art technology and refined software architecture provides higher scalability and enables smooth further enhancements. The newly redesigned product features top-notch UI design, while the enhanced and extended functionality set offers a much wider range of cargo tracking and customer management tools.


The new platform is one of its kind, as currently there are no software solutions in the European Union market adequately covering logistics operation management and cargo dispatch tracking. Those few existing are totally outdated, have ancient design, old-fashioned workflow and do not reflect the present-day processes. So, TL Nika gives a competitive edge to the Client.
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