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Mar 27, 2024
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Tradies Marketplace Mobile App

Tradies Marketplace Mobile App

2-3 months
Australia, Perth
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Finding reliable tradies for home improvement projects has been a significant challenge for users in Australia and New Zealand. Despite the abundance of options, the process of identifying skilled professionals such as electricians and carpenters online often leads to frustration and wasted time. Many users struggle to locate the best tradie apps in Australia, facing difficulties in booking electrician services online or scheduling carpenter services seamlessly. They face uncertainty regarding the authenticity of the tradies’ profiles, their work experience, and whether they are a suitable match for their specific requirements.


Tradie Linked revolutionizes the way users find and interact with skilled professionals. By allowing tradies to create detailed profiles showcasing their expertise, hourly rates, and work experiences, Trade Linked provides users with a comprehensive platform to make informed decisions. With features enabling users to express interest in tradies based on their requirements, shortlist their preferred professionals, and communicate via chat or call, the app simplifies the process of booking electrician services online and securing the best carpenter services effortlessly.


Tradie Linked revolutionizes the way users connect with skilled professionals, providing a comprehensive platform for finding and interacting with tradies. With detailed profiles showcasing expertise, rates, and experiences, users can make informed decisions. Features allow users to express interest, shortlist professionals, and communicate via chat or call, simplifying the process of booking services online and securing the best professionals effortlessly.