Sep 22, 2023
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African Leadership Academy

4-6 months
South Africa
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Web Development
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Digital Design


With a focus on transforming Africa through education and leadership, African Leadership Academy wanted a website that could effectively communicate its mission, attract prospective students, and serve as a hub for its extensive network of young leaders. While the existing website conveyed the academy's spirit, it lacked advanced functionalities and custom features necessary for a smooth user experience and efficient content delivery. Additionally, the academy was eager to have a modernized website with custom animations to engage visitors and plugin integrations for added functionality.


To tackle the challenge of elevating the African Leadership Academy's web presence, our digital solutions were tailored to meet each specific project goal. Initially, we reimagined the main page design to align it with the academy's values and goals. Instead of traditional academic layouts, we opted for a more modern, clean design that employs a balanced color scheme and typography, resonating with the youthful, progressive target audience. We augmented the website with custom features such as an interactive alumni success map and real-time event updates, achieved through seamless plugin integrations. These additions were made not only to enhance user engagement but also to simplify content management for the academy staff.


We further enriched the user experience by adding subtle, custom animations that greet visitors as they scroll, providing a sense of discovery and engagement without overshadowing the content. The final website is not only fully responsive but also aligned with the academy’s core mission, acting as a compelling platform for young leaders across Africa and beyond.