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Jun 13, 2023
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Ascent Decor

Ascent Decor

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Ascent Decor embarked on a rebranding journey after merging with Ethnic Silk, Rumours, and Revolucion. Ascent Decor aimed to create custom-designed websites for both the parent brand and its child brands. Additionally, they sought to digitise their fabric collection to enhance accessibility. Ascent Decor faced the challenge of integrating multiple brands under one cohesive identity while preserving the uniqueness of each subsidiary brand. The company desired to provide seamless access to their fabric collection across various platforms to enhance customer convenience.


Tailwebs created custom websites for both the parent brand and its child brands. The websites were carefully crafted to reflect the brand's essence, showcase their products, and offer an intuitive user experience. The team worked to digitise their extensive fabric collection, making it easily accessible across all platforms.


The launch of the newly designed websites resulted in a remarkable 3x increase in visitor engagement. The visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces attracted more users, encouraging them to explore the brand's offerings. Digitising the fabric collection provided customers with easy access to explore the wide range of offerings across different platforms. This comprehensive digital transformation enabled the brand to effectively communicate their new beginnings and elevate their position as India's second-largest fine fabrics brand.