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Dec 15, 2023
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Baazi Games Diversifies: Designing a Comic Book Website

Baazi Games Diversifies: Designing a Comic Book Website

2-3 months
India, Kolkata
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The challenge lay in harmonising the vibrant and dynamic brand of Baazi Games with the distinct design requirements of a comic book platform. The objective was to strike a balance that appealed to the gaming audience while attracting comic book enthusiasts. The challenge extended beyond visual aesthetics, requiring thorough market research to identify features essential for a successful comic book website.


Seamless Design Integration: The final design successfully integrated Baazi Games' brand aesthetics with the dynamic visual elements expected in a comic book platform, creating a cohesive and attractive user experience. Comprehensive Feature Set: The inclusion of essential features ensured that the comic book website catered to the needs and expectations of users, offering a holistic and engaging experience. Informed Decision-Making: The clickable prototype served as a powerful tool for decision-makers, enabling them to visualise the end product, understand its functionalities, and make informed decisions about the project


Baazi Games successfully navigated the challenge of diversification by entering the comic book vertical. Through a meticulous process of market research, design integration, and feature inclusion, the company created a website that not only retained its gaming audience but also appealed to comic book enthusiasts. The clickable prototype played a crucial role in facilitating informed decision-making, ensuring that Baazi Games entered the new market with a well-defined and visually compelling product