Tailwebs Technology Pvt Ltd.
Jun 22, 2023
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7-12 months
United States
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Advertising & Marketing


Gleantap, a leading tech product, offers intelligent customer engagement solutions aimed at increasing sales and retention for businesses. Tailwebs stepped in as the trusted development partner for Gleantap, providing robust resources and technical expertise throughout the product's evolution. Gleantap required a dedicated development partner capable of providing continuous support and resources to enhance and maintain its product. As Gleantap's customer base grew, the product needed to scale seamlessly and accommodate evolving customer needs.


Tailwebs established a strong development partnership with Gleantap, offering dedicated resources with expertise in various technologies, including software development, system maintenance, and quality assurance. By providing a reliable and experienced team, Tailwebs supported Gleantap in maintaining and enhancing its product, ensuring seamless operations and improved user experience. Tailwebs worked closely with Gleantap to analyze its growth projections and design a scalable architecture that could handle increasing user demands. Leveraging its technical expertise, Tailwebs collaborated with Gleantap to identify and prioritize key feature enhancements that would enable the product to stay competitive in the market.


As a robust development partner, Tailwebs played a pivotal role in supporting Gleantap's journey to drive sales and customer retention through intelligent customer engagement. Tailwebs empowered Gleantap to continuously enhance its product and deliver exceptional results to its clients.