Tailwebs Technology Pvt Ltd.
Jun 16, 2023
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7-12 months
United Kingdom
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Mobile Development
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Mobile Development


Proodle and Tailwebs partnered to revolutionize the university application process by creating a comprehensive platform that tracks and engages prospective students from application to enrollment. Through a double diamond design approach, Tailwebs assisted Proodle in developing an award-winning, white-labelled product that integrates research, events, courses, statistics, and communication into a single platform, gaining recognition in multiple Ingenuity events.


Tailwebs conducted extensive research on existing university application tracking solutions, uncovering valuable insights to design a superior product. Through affinity mapping, research findings were organized to identify patterns and define key features for the Proodle platform. Collaborating with Proodle, Tailwebs created detailed user profiles, serving as a foundation for a user-centric platform that meets the unique requirements of universities and prospective students.


By following a user-centric approach, Tailwebs ensured that the Proodle platform catered to the needs and preferences of both universities and prospective students. The design of the Proodle platform allowed for scalability and versatility, enabling it to be implemented across different university systems and customised to meet specific requirements. The collaborative efforts between Proodle and Tailwebs resulted in an outstanding product, receiving multiple awards at Ingenuity 18 and 19 events. These accolades demonstrated the success of the design approach and the quality of the developed prototype.