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Dec 15, 2023
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Tailwebs Delivers a Bespoke Website for MOSIP

Tailwebs Delivers a Bespoke Website for MOSIP

2-3 months
India, Bangalore
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MOSIP approached Tailwebs with the challenge of creating a customised website that would not only represent their diverse projects but also provide a user-friendly experience for a wide audience. The client emphasised the need for a responsive design with micro animations to enhance the overall user engagement. The goal was to showcase their global reach and impact in a visually appealing and organised manner.


Tailwebs adopted a comprehensive approach to address the challenges.The following key elements were implemented: Responsive Design: Recognising the importance of accessibility, we ensured that the website was responsive. This allowed users to access the content seamlessly on all the devices. Micro Animations: To enhance the user experience and add a touch of sophistication, micro animations were strategically incorporated throughout the website. These subtle animations not only added visual appeal but also contributed to a more engaging and interactive browsing experience. Information Architecture: We restructured the information architecture to create an organised and intuitive navigation system.


The Tailwebs team successfully delivered a customized website that met and exceeded MOSIP's expectations: 2x User Engagement: The responsive design, micro animations, and improved information architecture contributed to a 2x increase in user engagement. Visitors could explore the website more efficiently and interact with the content seamlessly. Global Showcase: The website effectively showcased MOSIP's global reach and diverse projects, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the organization's impact on a global scale. Positive Feedback: MOSIP received positive feedback from users who appreciated the intuitive design, engaging animations, and the ease with which they could access relevant information.