Jun 23, 2023
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Beat the Street | Web & Mobile Development for Health Gamification

Beat the Street | Web & Mobile Development for Health Gamification

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United Kingdom
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The app was to allow logged-in users to collect points using their mobile only when reaching defined destinations. It was also meant to be a portable access point for every participant with traditional magnetic cards. The goal was to make participation easier and open to anyone. Although there was a BTS landing page before, it only allowed users to check the number of points they collected. We had to rebuild it to bring a mobile app's functionality to the web. We had to ensure that people who don’t want to use the mobile app will have access to the same features (except a portable checking point).


The project required a precise localization tracking solution without draining the device's battery, which we achieved through a proof of concept and optimization. After MVP testing and improvements, the fully-featured app was released in March 2023, leading to numerous street games being hosted using the BTS mobile app.


Now, it allows users to collect points, monitor their scores and achievements, and offer assistance in finding checkpoint locations. Additionally, transportation is monitored to permit only specific travel methods between points (riding a car is forbidden). The mobile app allows you to enhance gamification by adding the possibility of collecting gems. Those are randomly placed on the map and revealed when users are close enough.