Apr 05, 2024
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Team Murphy Realty

Team Murphy Realty

2-3 months
United States
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The client came to us because their old website was out of date. They wanted to refresh the design and update the branding. They also were looking for a way to integrate their real estate listings automatically, so they wouldn’t have to manually input every listing on the site. They needed a way to streamline this process.


We started the project by evaluating which real estate software system would be best for their needs. We recommended an IDX software solution that automatically pulls in their MLS listings. This software allows for the listing process to be much more efficient, since they can just enter their listings once in the MLS system and they will automatically sync to their own website. Integrating this software also has SEO (search engine optimization) benefits, since every real estate listing has a unique and optimized page on the site.


Overall, integrating this IDX software helped streamline the client’s process and gave them opportunities to generate more leads. Helping our client find the best solution for their needs was important to us. We enjoyed redesigning their real estate website, and continue to offer the client ongoing support.