Nov 24, 2022
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Many challenges are faced in developing FormOle, among all challenges the main challenge was to shoot and upload a video of any sports action and get a highly accurate AI Analysis on that. The idea of this App was to provide virtual coaching based on AI Analysis to beginner sports enthusiastic to improve and excel at what they are passionate about without having to join any academy in person or hire a personal professional guide. It is supposed to give proper guidance to the users about improving Pose Estimation in a certain Sport with the help of our AI Solutions without needing an actual coach to be by your side.


FormOle is developed using Computer Vision Solutions to give its user a sporty experienced. It ought to provide completely Virtual Coaching as well as serve as a social media platform for sports fan. It is fully automated using Artificial Intelligence as it takes a video as input and uses Computer Vision Solutions and Deep learning Algorithms to get insights out of it and perform mathematical calculations to yield highly accurate results to provide users the guideline to better themselves.


It comprises multiple Interfaces including Admin and User Panel having their own functionalities. The main functionality of this solution is that it allows users to upload their Video for automated analysis, get results, and share that results on social media or to other users as a challenge to beat that. It aims to entertain sports fans as well as help them learn, improve and become a better sportsman, saving their time money and energy.