Nov 24, 2022
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4-6 months
United States, California
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Artificial Intelligence
Mobile Development
QA and Testing
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React Native


Spin tip is an AI-based Hybrid Mobile App built using Advanced Video Analytics and Computer Vision to provide its users with Automatically Generated Highlights of Tennis Gameplay. The major challenge was to provide a summary of a tennis game within a small highlighted video excluding all other activities involved in the whole match. Sports enthusiasts love to watch different types of sports but not everyone has enough time to do so. They need a medium where they can watch highlights of their favorite event. The main idea behind developing Spin tip was to record a live game video or upload pre recorded video through the device to get a highlighted video with only sports action.


Spin Tip developed using Advanced Video Analytics, Computer Vision for Real-Time Video Analytics to help users watch highlights of games instead of watching the whole match. It is a fully automated solution using Artificial Intelligence as it takes video as input and does AI Video Processing using Real Time Object Detection, It will help you to save your time from editing a long video manually by replacing it with automated video processing. These core functionalities are implemented in Python and Flask frameworks and React Frontend.


The main functionality of this solution is that it allows users to upload a prerecorded video or do a live recording from the device for Advanced Video Processing by AI and get an automated highlighted video of the Tennis Gameplay. It aims to entertain sports fans as well as save their time and energy by providing them a summary of the whole match, it removes the barrier of watching the whole sport event instead they can now watch the edited highlights of Tennis match.