Nov 08, 2023
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Voltox initial idea was really incredible during the initial development phase, but the idea didn’t go well when Shefket felt the need to consult AI expertise. So Shefket came to us with the idea of enhancing it by giving AI features like liveness detection, and password-free authentication, to provide users seamless & secure login and payments to checkouts by face.


Tezeract’s team grasped the core vision and executed the idea using our top-notch AI technologies by developing features like Login with voltox, Payment with voltox, Facial Recognition, Liveness detection, and KYC/ Registration to automate the manual verification and authentication processes.


Voltox provides a broad range of secure, powerful, and efficient methods to have frictional identity verification and authentication eliminating the risks of fraud and spoofing attacks by encrypting user credentials, personal information, and transactional data. It helps you acquire more customers and maintain your user experience by offering safe and effective check-ins and convenient check-outs to achieve your business goals and have a maximized ROI.