Aug 03, 2023
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Empowering Educational Dreams in Pepsi Co's AMP Campaign

Empowering Educational Dreams in Pepsi Co's AMP Campaign

4-6 months
United States
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Software Development
Mobile Development
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Pepsi Co's aspiration to help over 10,000 people access education presented The Flock with several challenges. First, they needed to devise a solution that could effectively reach a wide audience across various Central American countries. Second, they had to create an engaging and interactive platform that would encourage people to participate actively. Finally, with a tight schedule and dynamic project requirements, The Flock needed to demonstrate adaptability and flexibility through elastic resource management.


Mobile-First Web App with Gamified Scholarships The Flock collaborated closely with Pepsi Co's brand manager to understand the campaign's core objectives and target audience. Drawing on their expertise, they proposed the development of a mobile-first Web App that would serve as the primary interface for the AMP campaign.


We assembled a great execution team that worked side by side with the brand manager and created a gamification experience for the people of Central America. The benefit for our client The campaign reached +3M users and was a commercial success. So much so that we had to expand the team with our elastic resources in the middle of the project to meet new and challenging deadlines.