Nov 15, 2022
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2-3 months
United States
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T3 Athlete is a premier athlete training facility located in Avon, OH. Since 2009, T3 has been helping athletes of all ages and skill levels reach their full potential. But, paper folders and messy dry erase boards always cluttered the weight room. Unnecessary time and money was being spent every day by coaches writing and re-writing workouts. They needed to find a better way to help organize the group athlete classes and provide the athletes and parents with the feedback they were constantly asking for.


Vici was created by T3 Performance back in 2014 for the sole purpose of helping them operate more efficiently. The platform is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet, and includes: • Comprehensive analytics • ChatHub • Log results • Track progress • Leader board • Load video and text workouts


Impact Vici has allowed it’s users to: • Save money by automating workout creation and assignment with new athletes. • Clean up the weight room. No more paper folders or dry erase boards, just a counter with tablets. • Collect and share training data on users. • Retain athletes for longer periods by building stronger relationships and staying top-of-mind with athletes. • Drive revenue straight to the bottom line through advertising opportunities with local retailers.
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