Jul 22, 2023
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Art ProReality

Art ProReality

7-12 months
United States, Florida
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ART ProReality, a company within the art industry, recognized the lack of a platform for artists worldwide to showcase their artwork and for art enthusiasts to visualize this art in their own environment. The company aimed to bridge this gap but lacked a user-friendly digital solution to accomplish this. They also faced the challenge of supporting unrecognized talent, enabling them to share their work and gain visibility.


ThinkUp, as a mobile app development partner, designed and developed "Art Pro Reality," an innovative mobile application that harnesses the power of augmented reality. The app allows artists around the world to share their artwork, projects, and ideas on a global platform. For users, the app offers an immersive AR experience, enabling them to preview any artwork through their phone's camera and envision it within their own spaces. It also includes easy-to-use features that aid in art selection, size preferences, and AR view, ensuring the artwork chosen is the perfect fit for their home or office.


The Art Pro Reality app created a significant positive impact for ART ProReality. It not only provided a platform for artists worldwide to showcase their work but also cultivated a space for art enthusiasts to interact with the art in a new and meaningful way. The app helped the company fulfill its mission of embracing and promoting art, facilitating emotional and spiritual education for all users. Moreover, it supported the growth and recognition of many talented artists who were previously unseen, allowing their work to reach a broader audience. This solution revolutionized the way ART ProReality approached its goals, marking a pivotal step in the company's journey to promote art and artists around the world.