Nov 22, 2023
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DevOps solution for banking software lifecycle

DevOps solution for banking software lifecycle

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United Kingdom, London
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Banking & Financial Services
DevOps as a Service


Due to the lack of a coherent software development strategy, the customer could not leverage the advantages of DevOps within the banking domain. Therefore, they encountered challenges such as fragmented codebases and inconsistent knowledge transfer, absence of automated testing, and extended time-to-market for their solutions.


Our team considered the functional requirements provided by the customer, with cost-effectiveness and reliability in mind, to build a fully functional DevOps environment. The customer is now able to manage the application lifecycle, communications, continuous integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring with more transparency and flexibility.


Our experts integrated DevOps strategies and helped to improve the customer's development processes on different levels. 1) Improved communication; 2) efficient management; 3) faster time-to-market; 4) ten times shorter mean time to recovery; 5) 99.7% availability. Effectiveness was considerably enhanced: the solution decreased the risk of flaws, enabled a generation of logs, revert changes function, faster product delivery, and more effective planning, testing, and monitoring.