Oct 12, 2022
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Freight Forwarding

4-6 months
United States
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Transportation & Logistics
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Manually processing B/Ls from an ample number of freight forwarding websites to gather the information from B/Ls was a time-consuming process and involved a lot of efforts and financial resources. Also, while gathering data from these websites, the languages were a significant barrier as the freight companies were based out of different regions in the world.


BoTree Technologies built the solution architecture which is fully server-less. The solution performs the mapping of the fields from different freight forwarding websites for the required details. The solution will parse the data from different data sources and searches from the previously parsed data for collecting the desired content from the different freight forwarding websites. The collected information is then arranged into a format as desired, which is then transferred/pushed back to the centralized ERP system.


B/Ls Processing: With this solution in place, the client can now process around 15000 B/Ls in a single day and keep up with their operations. Increase Efficiency: The solution reduces time in the processing of B/Ls from different websites as it easily maps a massive amount of sources and increases efficiency by 30%-40%.