Oct 12, 2022
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Music Chat Application

Music Chat Application

4-6 months
United States
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Mobile Development
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Media & Entertainment
Programming language
Ruby on Rails


On a Mobile device, while one shares a self-recorded voice, users are not able to add emotions. Simple voice memos are lifeless. The problem was that the audio was inanimate and sounded like just a statement or a speech without any actual emotion. The client required an application that could record a voice memo, enlarge sensation by adding music effects, thereon sharing with an individual, group, or even broadcast.


We integrated different media files, conversion, optimization, and enabled merging audio so that two audio clips can be easily placed with each other. Our team amended the solution architecture by enabling the user to send just the optimized original recording to the other end with required data and add additional effect, sound or music on the receiver end. The application made voice recordings more emotional and added substance to the voice-messages that people sent across devices.


Agile Development: We started with fewer requirements and the client eventually asked to add more features with the feedback we took from him in every sprint. Profile Dashboard: Users can log in to the application by creating an account, record audio, and share with people or broadcast it across a group. Optimized File Size: We optimized the file size and kept it to a low output size, all the while maintaining the bitrate while processing and merging the sound file. Prototype: Our team developed prototypes for the various features in the application and then implemented top understand the optimization of files.