Apr 27, 2021
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Mobile Development
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Business Software
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AutoDeal is an application making car transportation easier for all parties involved with an essential level of rights and obligations maintenance described within the service contract. We were approached by a client whose idea was to create a mobile application for car carriers. It is often hard to find the appropriate order for car transportation, receive payments for finished work, and protect yourself from damage claims. So there was a great demand for a solution that negotiates faster dealings making car transportation pleasant not only for carriers but also for brokers and car buyers who can choose the best deal and track the transportation process.


The architecture of the app is comprehensively contemplated with detailed logic for each user role. A carrier and a customer are able to sign a service contract directly in the application. Users can make and receive online payments for the provided services instantly within the app. Customers can track the cargo geolocation in real-time right from the app. Overall assessment of car damages conducted before the transportation with a detailed description of the damaged parts and clear photos. Carriers can find the nearest cargoes requiring transportation and accept or reject the order.


10,000+ app downloads with 300+ positive feedback and an excellent rating on App Store. 25,000+ transported cars adding around 150 delivered cars every day. 1,900+ registered transporters enjoying faster business dealings. The speed of cargo transportation has increased due to faster business dealings.