Nov 23, 2021
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EasyPhone - Android Laucher for elderly people

EasyPhone - Android Laucher for elderly people

4-6 months
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With 25 million seniors in Europe, to serve this demanding and challenging market, a client came to us with the idea of making it easier for them to understand modern technology. It was necessary to develop simple navigation, to provide the possibility of simple actions, to easily exchange messages with loved ones.


The product development was from scratch. We focused on creating attractive designs with great attention to user experience. We have also developed a set of basic functions for EasyPhone: - calls, - Google smart search, - the ability to attach ready-made postcards, - sending emergency notifications.


The product makes the life of the elderly easier and more meaningful, and the special design adapts the user interface specifically to the needs of the elderly. This Android launcher allows seniors to: - increase the availability of modern technologies, - maintain the level of social and social activity, - maintain a better state of health, -staying in touch with the closest circle of people.