Apr 27, 2021
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GoG is an IT solution that can be integrated into any existing application in order to track the app user preferences and provide a personalized experience. The main objective of any business is to understand customer needs and provide the best possible services. It is quite a task that should be solved by a special approach that enables businesses to predict buyer behavior based on a set of gathered data. It is aimed at simplifying marketing efforts and getting satisfied customers.


The solution gathers major information about user relocation and performed activities. The collected data constructs special profiles informing the app owner about the buyer persona. The gathered data forms one-of-a-kind predictions of future user actions. The valuable information can be shared with other devices or the server upon request. The solution helps a user to monitor personal progress on the selected point.


A special SDK can be easily integrated into any application to track the app user behavior. App users receive personalized customer experience and personal progress tracking. App users make faster shopping decisions resulting in a shortened sales cycle. App owners get accurate buyer personas and can optimize future product offerings. Businesses are able to identify problems before they happen and offer excellent customer service.