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Feb 21, 2023
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Patient Information Management System Built on Guideline Management Tools

Patient Information Management System Built on Guideline Management Tools

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Our client, one of the leading healthcare institutions in the world with multiple branches and managing countless patients and caregivers, wanted a patient information management system that could maintain, monitor, streamline and optimize all their patient information, such as details about drugs prescribed, consulting physicians, wards admitted to, etc. In addition to being a strong proponent of Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS), our client desired a patient information management system that could filter the prescription of antibiotics by physicians and simplify suggestions to identify high-risk antibiotic usage. Among several other Web and Cloud providers, the client was impressed by our innovative ideas for this solution and chose our team for the development.


Our team developed Guideline and Management System (GAMS), a web application on .Net that provides a comprehensive patient information management system. This online patient record management system systematically organizes patient information, keeps track of patient visits, medications prescribed-particularly in accordance with AMS standards, details on assigned physicians, wards they are admitted to and so on.


Our patient information management application, GAMS, is essentially a general solution that can be tailored for any type of company in its attempts to enhance, automate, and simplify workflows in order to successfully drive efficiency and execute the following best practices: Enhance administrative and management processes Create easy-to-use, employee-friendly workflows Improve efficiency, consistency and accountability to operations Eliminate paper-based documentation that can lead to loss of data Automated workflows save time, effort and money